Upcoming Events


We are the Organizer of China-West Africa textile and fabric online exhibition, West Africa-China clothing online matchmaking conference, West Africa online international trade fair, West Africa online lighting, building materials, hardware, home furnishing and home appliances! In order to do a good job in the organization of Chinese enterprise, Foshan Shengcai Management Consulting co. LTD is now entrusted to take full responsibility for the organization of enterprises in Guangzhou, Foshan, Dongguan and Zhongshan, china. Relevant government business associations and exhibition companies in Guangdong china are strongly encouraged to make effort to help Chinese and African companies establish friendly corporative relations.

FOLDONEREY Nigeria Limited in partnership with Tradexpo HK and Worldexh group for the below upcoming 2020 event.

1.China(West Africa)International Furnishings Fair online
2. China (West Africa))International Lighting Fair online
3.China  (West Africa)International Energy,Solar Energy & Photovoltatc  Fair online  
4. China(West Africa) International Building Material Fair online  
5.China(West Africa) International Home Applicant & Consumer Electronics Fair online
6.China(West Africa) International Security & Fire Control Fair online
7.China(West Africa) International Textile,Case&Bag,Watch,Glass,Jewelry Fair online
8.China (West Africa)Epidemic Prevention Fair online                             
9. West Africa International Trade Fair online
10.West Africa(Guangzhou) Clothes,Jeans,Shoes,Case & Bags Export Fair(offline) 
11.China(West Africa)  International Hotel,Food &                   
12. Bio China HongKong International Medical Tourism Hospital,Nursing Home and Laboratory Furniture Exhibition
13:Bio-China HongHong Science & Technology Epidemic Prevention Fair